Arizona Stargazing Tours in Phoenix with Night Vision

Arizona Stargazing Tours with Night Vision

Stargazing Tours
Most Unique Tour in Arizona

Your feet may be planted firmly in Arizona, but when you take the Stellar Adventures Stargazing Tour, you will embark on a journey through the heavens. We’re honored to guide you through your experience on the most unique expedition in Arizona: A nighttime tour of the greatest wonders of the galaxies.

Journey from the Earth to the moon, exploring lunar mountains, highlands, deep canyons, and eons-old craters. Observe massive Jupiter, rotating serenely more than 500 million miles away, in breathtaking detail as she comes alive through your telescope. Her colorful belts and bands, maroon swirls, Great Red Spot, and 4 Galilean moons can all be seen. The eclipses of Jupiter by its moons can be perceived in real-time. Saturn, though it’s more than a billion miles distant, can be readily observed through our high-powered telescopes. This giant is one of the most beautiful spheres in the heavens, her rings and moons placidly hovering in the dark stillness. Although the stars closest to the Earth are trillions of miles away, they shine and shimmer like glittering jewels laid out for our appreciation. Gaseous nebulae, serving as sort of celestial nurseries, spawn thousands of stars.

A special kind of stillness and peace overcome the desert at night. There is no better way to witness the sublime wonder of the galaxies than by the light of the moon on a warm Arizona evening. Expand your horizons—join Stellar Adventures on a tour of the wonders of the universe.

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Night Vision

Any desert-dweller knows that the best way to preserve your sanity in this blistering heat is to lay low during the day. Even the desert animals know it—so they come alive at night! Come see what we mean when you embark on our Night Vision Adventure.

The desert is silent and pitch-black at night, far away from the lights and buzz of the cities. In this complete and all-consuming darkness, you can’t even see your own hand in front of your face! This is where the fun starts. We provide state-of-the-art night vision devices so you can watch the world come alive under cloak of darkness! Watch your surroundings intently through the green hue of night vision, as the landscape becomes as bright as day. Witness wildlife emerge from under the veil of the black desert night sky as you explore the vast darkness of the hidden treasure known as the Sonoran Desert. You never know what you’ll find!

  • 7PM Departure from most Hotels
  • Tours are conducted in M1009 Blazer
  • Minimum reservation: 4 people
  • We can neither predict nor guarantee the presence of wildlife on these excursions
  • Disclaimer: Night Vision Add-On not available October 1st – March 1st due to hibernation season.

Pricing & Details: Arizona Stargazing Tours with Night Vision & Thermal Imaging

All Guests are $225 Per Person
*Not Including 15% Automatic Gratuity & Sales Tax

Please Note: There are no free photos included with this tour.

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• Bookings after 9pm for the next day may be subject to change.
• Please note tour minimums prior to booking.

DISCLAIMER: Night Vision Add-On not available October 1st – March 1st due to hibernation season.