Gravel ‘N Grape Tour

H1 Hummer Tour + Wine Tasting

You know what pairs beautifully with the great outdoors? Wine.

Let’s face it. Wine goes with everything. Bachelor or bachelorette party? Wine. Special occasion with your significant other? Wine. Team building for work? Double wine. Kids with you on vacation? Triple wine.

Although we don’t recommend mixing heavy machinery with the nectar of the gods in your everyday life, we definitely recommend it when it comes to the Gravel ‘n Grape tour (especially since your ride home is pre-arranged by Stellar Adventures).

The Gravel ‘n Grape tour combines two iconic elements of the Arizona experience: Exploring the Sonoran Desert in a H1 Hummer with Stellar Adventures, and enjoying world-class wines and food from one of Arizona’s favorite restaurants, Postino. This tour is wildly popular for bachelor and bachelorette outings, groups celebrating special occasions, or team-building or corporate events. It’s also totally family-friendly, so if you have the offspring with you, don’t let that stop you from enjoying a perfect Arizona day on the Gravel ‘n Grape tour!

Gravel ‘N Grape Tour? What’s that? You want to know more? We thought you might.

Let’s dive into the two parts of the Gravel ‘n Grape tour: The H1 Hummer excursion and the Postino Highland experience.

H1 Hummer Tour
Hummer Tour with Wine Tasting in Phoenix by Stellar Adventures (Gravel 'N Grape Tour)

First up: The H1 Hummer. This ride is the perfect match for the ruggedness of desert terrain. It easily climbs vertical walls nearly two feet high, can scale a 60° incline with ease, and can ford a gushing rapid two and a half feet deep. There’s a reason the United States Army deploys and transports its troops in the Hummer—this ride is big, it’s bold, and it’s badass. The H1 Hummer off-road vehicle is perfect for the rough-and-tumble rider who prefers an up close and personal experience. Mud, gravel, water, boulders—they’re no match for the H1 Hummer. Coast along desert trails high above the ground, and feel confident in the ability of this 4 x 4 to conquer any terrain it encounters.

Postino Wine Tasting Tour with Stellar Adventures in Phoenix

Now let’s talk wine. Can you imagine anything more refreshing after an exhilarating ride through the desert than a glass of Prosecco or Chardonnay? Because we can’t. At the end of your trail exploration, you’ll end up at Postino Highland—a veritable mecca of all things wine, relaxation, and the chillest vibes in Scottsdale. Not much of a wino? Don’t worry. Postino also has amazing beers on tap and in the bottle. We’ll pull some strings and get you a beer or two… We know a guy.

Mention Postino to anyone from the Valley of the Sun and you’ll probably see a faraway, wistful look in their eye as they fondly recall the last time they basked on the patio of this Arizona institution. The staffers at Postino are painfully cool but also warm and welcoming. Most importantly, they know their stuff. Postino is respected all across Arizona (and beyond) for sourcing not only the best local and regional wines, but also for bringing in tastes from all around the world!

No, we’re not overselling this.

We get it. We’re kind of talking a big game here. But one thing you should know by now is that we walk the walk just as much as we talk the talk. Stellar Adventures and Postino are where it’s at, and after a mind-blowing day exploring the Sonoran Desert, you’ll love sitting on the patio at Postino, sipping different wines, and nibbling on samples of their world-class bruschetta or other delicious offerings. That’s right—your tour wraps up with a wine sampler as well as incredible food pairings, custom-selected with your preferences in mind.

One of our favorite things about the Postino and Stellar Adventures partnership is that it showcases how multifaceted Arizona is. We’re so much more than just a pretty face with world-class trails, stunning desert views, and plentiful offerings for the avid outdoorsman. We’re also a state with badass restaurateurs and sommeliers; people who are passionate about sourcing and providing some of the best wine and food around, often from local vendors. When you sign up for the Gravel ‘n Grape tour through Stellar Adventures, you’re guaranteed to have an incredible time with both the knowledgeable and fun Chief Adventurers and the top-tier team at Postino.

You’re a control freak? That’s cool, too.

Good news! Your time at Postino takes place at the end of the tour, and the Stellar Adventures team will take care of getting you back to your hotel. So if you prefer to be in the driver’s seat, how does the front of an ATV or UTV sound? With these options, you’re in charge! Just ask the Stellar Adventures booking team how to swap out the H1 Hummer for an ATV or a UTV, and away we (well, you) go!

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After the standard safety rundown, you and your Chief Adventurer will hop on your fully automatic ATVs and hit the trail, winding through the diverse and beautiful landscape of the Sonoran Desert. This area features some of the most secluded off-roading trails in the Southwest, and rest assured—your Chief Adventurer knows all the best ones. Bachelor and bachelorette parties tend to love this option, especially with the opportunity for so many toasts at the end!

ATV Tours in Phoenix Arizona & More - UTV, Hummers, Shooting


Hop in, buckle up, flip the switch, and hit the trail in the toughest thing the Sonoran Desert has ever seen. “Agile” barely begins to describe the dexterity of the Kawasaki Teryx4 UTV. This four-seater can be filled to capacity and can still climb trails, crawl boulders, and zip all over the desert without it—or you—breaking a sweat. Our Arizona UTV Adventures are perfect for groups or for parents who want to drive but have little ones who can’t just yet!

As we said, the UTV is a solid option for groups of any size. If you’re adventuring with little ones, the team at Postino can work with you to ensure that there is a taste for every discerning palate in your group. (Grilled cheese? You better believe it.) Let’s talk about how we can take this to the next level!

Gravel ‘N Grape Tour – Come one, come all!

Remember, you don’t have to be a tourist to kick it with Stellar Adventures or Postino. Both Stellar Adventures and Postino are locally owned and operated, and—what do you know?!—we love connecting with Arizona’s year-round (aka diehard) peeps. You might be a local, but after a day with Stellar Adventures and Postino, you might learn a thing or two about your own backyard!

Don’t take our word for it!

We know that you totally trust us and everything, but in case you need more reassurance, check out some of the reviews of Stellar Adventures and Postino on Yelp! and Trip Advisor. So many stars can’t be wrong.

The fine print…
Stellar Adventures has express permission from the Bureau of Land Management and the US Government/Tonto National Forest to operate tours in this region. The H1 Hummer tour can operate on 3 trails: 4 Peaks, Rocks & Ruins, and Bulldog Canyon. The guided ATV adventures can operate on 2 main trails: 4 Peaks and Rocks & Ruins. Tour duration may vary based on the selected trail.

Ready to Book Your Adventure?

Gravel ‘N Grapes (Tour with H1 Hummer): $225*
Gravel ‘N Grapes (Tour with ATV): $275*
Gravel ‘N Grapes (Tour with UTV): $225*
* Not Including 15% Automatic Gratuity & Sales Tax


  • Bookings made after 9pm for the next day may be subject to change.
  • Please note tour minimums prior to booking.
  • The meeting point location will be sent to you via your booking confirmation.  If you do not receive a confirmation please call our office immediately at 602-402-0584.