Arizona M1009 Blazer Tours

Arizona M1009 Blazer Tours by Stellar Adventures

Arizona M1009 Blazer Tours: The Experience

Are you an adventurer who wants to experience the Great Wide Open without getting rocked right out of your seat? Don’t worry, Stellar Adventures has an option for you, too.

Come experience the Sonoran Desert in a Chevy M1009 Blazer. The M1009 (that’s M-10-oh-9) is a military-style Blazer with a diesel V8 engine so powerful it’ll knock your socks off. But here’s the catch: these tricked-out rides feature the best shocks available, so you’ll be riding in style and in comfort. The power of the engine combined with the military-grade rear Gov-Lock system lets adventurers on the M1009 tour explore even rocky, steep trails without breaking a sweat.

These vehicles have a special place in our hearts at Stellar Adventures for a couple of reasons. First, they’re the newest members of our fleet, so we’re still just a little obsessed. Second, they offer adventurers the power to behold the majesty and beauty of the Sonoran Desert from higher vantage points. The awe-inspiring views are almost indescribable in their perfection. You’ll want to break out the selfie stick for this one, because your friends back home won’t believe it until they see it. (Actually, forget that. Leave the selfie stick at home—we’ll just snap a pic for you.)

These M1009s look beastly, but they’re deceptively nimble as they ascend the desert trails. Supreme handling and almost nonexistent slippage let your Chief Adventurer navigate any trail with ease and confidence. Relax and gaze out at the Arizona sky, at the red desert that has hosted so many nature lovers before you. Keep your eyes peeled and you just might glimpse a rattlesnake or one of the big cats that roam the land.

Arizona is home to some of the most brutal monsoon weather in the country, so seasonal creek beds and washes occur at a moment’s notice when the time is right. The M1009 is equipped for that scenario, too: It can ford over 20 inches of water.

Come on out and see what all the fuss is about. You’ll understand when you see it: Stellar adventure begins where the pavement ends!

Arizona M1009 Blazer Tours by Stellar Adventures


Tour Time: 3.5 – 4 Hours
Adults: $125 Per Person
Children: (10 and under) $75 per person

  • Includes resort pick-up in most cases
  • Includes snacks and beverages
  • Departure times are at 8:00 AM & 1:00 PM daily

: Stellar Adventures has express permission from the Bureau of Land Management and the US Government/Tonto National Forest to operate tours in this region. The M1009 tour can operate on 3 trails: 4 Peaks, Rocks & Ruins, and Bulldog Canyon. The tour includes approximately 18 miles of unmaintained off-road trail, and may vary based on the selected trail.

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FAQ: Arizona M1009 Blazer Tours

How old do you have to be to drive ATV or UTV?

12 years and older for ATV – 16 years and older for UTV

How old do you have to be to ride as a passenger on ATV or UTV?

6 years or older

What do we wear for the ATV or UTV adventures?

Closed Toed Shoe and long pants (No flip flops or sandals)

How old to go on the H1 Hummer or M1009 adventures?

3 years and older. (Must have car seat for 5 and under)

Do you have to have experience to do the ATV adventure?

No experience is required.

What age do you have to be to do the Stellar Shooting Experience?

12 years and older can shoot.

What time do your tours depart the hotels?

H1 & M1009 depart 2 times daily @ 8am & 1pm

ATV & UTV depart 2 times daily @ 8am & 2pm

Stargazing and Night Vision @ 7pm (Seasonal)

*All times are subject to change and more times may be added.