Head north to explore the mysterious Bradshaw Mountains as you journey through the Wild West! The Bradshaw Mountains are home to more than 40 separate ghost towns, but perhaps none are so enchanting or as haunting as the ruins at the Agua Fria National Monument. This Native American fort was part of a Yavapai tribe who settled in the area around 1100 A.D. When you tour with Stellar Adventures, you’ll enter the National Monument and ascend the steps of the ancient ruins, taking in the majestic views of your surroundings. This monument spans more than 100 square miles and features more than 450 archeological sites. Don’t get lost exploring, though, because your Chief Adventurer will be forging ahead to one of Arizona’s most historic ghost towns: Gillett, Arizona. Established in 1876, Gillet was once a bustling home to miners with goals of striking it rich in gold, silver, copper, and turquoise. It was as a popular stopping place for travelers in stagecoaches until the early 1900s. Join Stellar Adventures on this tour and let your Chief Adventurer tell you all about how this stagecoach stop earned its reputation as a lawless Western town.

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