Stellar Adventures Hiking Tours

Stellar Adventures has offered tours of some of Arizona’s most beautiful desert vistas for 20 years. Most of these tours have taken place on ATVs or in all manner of 4-wheeling vehicles. With the addition of our new hiking tours, we’re excited to be able to slow it down and show you a closer look at the splendor of the Sonoran Desert.

Traversing the desert on foot gives you a chance to glimpse some of the finer points of the landscape. Only by standing at the base of a Saguaro cactus can you truly get a sense of its majesty and its impressive stature. Have you ever eaten a bud from a Cholla cactus? (And did you know that it’s packed with as much calcium as a glass of milk? Score!) Only on the Stellar Adventures hiking tours will you get a chance to see the flora up close and personal. Your Chief Adventurer will also have all manner of fun facts and information about the living plants growing all around you.

Keep your eyes peeled for the fauna as well—the desert is packed with wild animals large and small, and your guide will help you identify the many animals you’re likely to see on your trek. Have your camera ready! The scenery of the Sonoran Desert is breathtaking, and only by hiking can one truly experience the energy that comes out of it.

Our guides will put together a half-day or full-day of hiking to match exactly what you’re in the mood for. We can coordinate a low-key nature walk or a strenuous hike that covers rugged terrain. We love pets, so if you’ve got your dogs with you, bring them along (as long as they are properly leashed and the temperature are suitable—ask if you’re unsure). Want to do a family hike? Our guides can put together an excursion that suits a variety of ages. Our guides carry water, snacks, sunscreen, and all first aid essentials. What are you waiting for? Let’s take a hike!

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  • Osprey Back Pack for guests to carry personal items
  • Water and other drinks
  • Snacks to suit any food allergy
  • Hiking poles upon request


  • Guests should wear athletic clothing–Light colors are always best. Tight fitting if possible.
  • Closed Toed shoes are a must. NO SANDALS period.
  • Hats are recommended for hikes.
  • Sunglasses are highly recommended.
  • Hiking shoes/boots are always good or shoes with tread.
  • NOT recommended–Nike Free, Converse (Chuck Taylor) or Vans–shoes with no tread.

Guides carry First Aid, Sunscreen and are all WFR/WFA -FIRST AID certified


Hiking *INCLUDES TRANSPORTATION (2pp Min) – $120.00 Per Person
Hiking *MEET @ TRAIL – $95.00 Per Person

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• Bookings after 9pm for the next day may be subject to change.
• Please note tour minimums prior to booking.