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Arizona Outdoor Shooting Adventures by Stellar Adventures

Arizona Outdoor Shooting Adventures: The Experience

Stellar Adventures offers Arizona’s most unique Arizona outdoor shooting experience! Enjoy the picturesque Arizona views of this majestic Sonoran desert as you learn basic shooting skills from our NRA Certified Range Safety Officer (R.S.O.).

Once we arrive at our designated outdoor shooting site, our experienced instructors will provide everything you need for a safe and educational shooting activity.
The Stellar Shooting Experience begins with an in-depth Firearm Safety Debriefing. Next, each shooter will fire 2 guns of their choice from a wide selection of weapons. Our selection offers one of a kind options, check out the list of options below (based on availability).

*Add this amazing experience to any of the tours Stellar Adventures offers or schedule it independently.

Arizona Outdoor Shooting Adventures


$225 Per Person (Shooting WITHOUT Tour)

$175 Per Person (Shooting WITH Tour)

Shooting Upgrades are Available (see below)

  • Suitable for All Skill Levels
  • 4 Person Minimum
  • Firearms, Ammunition and Eye/Ear Protection Provided
  • Instructors Certified and Insured
  • Individual Targets Provided


A Special Note About Firearms

Since handling a firearm either indoors or outdoors is a complex task, with possible fatal outcomes if done improperly, gun safety dictates that a firearm should never be handled while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or legal prescription or over-the-counter drugs. Since such substances may affect a person’s judgment even after consuming relatively small amounts, zero tolerance is advocated by gun safety teachers. This is codified in many states’ penal codes as a crime of “carrying under the influence”, with penalties similar to DWI/DUI.

Exhaustion can also constitute a form of impairment, as reaction time, cognitive processing and sensory perception are all impaired by sleep deprivation and/or physical exhaustion. Gun safety therefore discourages using firearms when exhausted.

Ready to Book Your Adventure?

• Bookings after 9pm for the next day may be subject to change.
• Please note tour minimums prior to booking.

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FAQ: Arizona Outdoor Shooting Adventures

How old do you have to be to drive ATV or UTV?

12 years and older for ATV – 16 years and older for UTV

How old do you have to be to ride as a passenger on ATV or UTV?

6 years or older

What do we wear for the ATV or UTV adventures?

Closed Toed Shoe and long pants (No flip flops or sandals)

How old to go on the H1 Hummer or M1009 adventures?

3 years and older. (Must have car seat for 5 and under)

Where are the trails?

We have Maps on the website and on back of the brochures. Please CLICK HERE to view our Maps.

PLEASE NOTE: The meeting location for ATV/UTV Tours is NOT the 3102 S. Roosevelt Street address. The meeting point location will be sent to you via your booking confirmation.  If you do not receive a confirmation please call our office immediately at 602-726-9435.

How far is the travel time to the trails?

40-45 minutes from most hotels in the greater Phoenix area.

What is the physical address for the ATV/UTV meeting location?

There is no physical address for the staging area. Please CLICK HERE for directions to the meeting location.

The meeting location is NOT the 3102 S. Roosevelt Street address.

Do you have to have experience to do the ATV adventure?

No experience is required.

What age do you have to be to do the Stellar Shooting Experience?

12 years and older can shoot.

What time do your tours depart the hotels?

H1 & M1009 depart 2 times daily @ 8am & 1pm

ATV & UTV depart 2 times daily @ 8am & 2pm

Stargazing and Night Vision @ 7pm (Seasonal)

*All times are subject to change and more times may be added.