Get ready to explore the unique Sonoran desert with our Arizona Outdoor Adventures & Tours! We take you deep into the desert where you will experience the thrill of navigating through seasonal creeks, sandy washes, rocky slopes, and flat desert trails. Stellar Adventures has been providing visitors and locals these unforgettable off-road excursions since 1997. Enjoy a variety of amazing adventures from guided ATV tours and UTV tours to the incredible H1 Hummers and M1009 Blazers.

Stellar Adventures offers some of the most unique and fun Team Building Activities in Arizona. From a Vegas Challenge to a desert Photo Hunt, your team will love coming together to complete these unique team building activities!

Arizona Outdoor Adventures: What We Offer

Stellar Adventures: The Tours and Trails

Arizona ATV Adventures

Arizona ATV Adventures Guided
Stellar offers the best in Arizona ATV Adventures by allowing you to control the Adventure! Whether on your own or with one of our experienced guides you are in control of a fully automatic ATV winding through the diverse and beautiful landscape of the Sonoran Desert.

Arizona UTV Adventures

Arizona UTV Adventures
Whether you’re craving adventure or simply want to enjoy some sightseeing at your own pace, this UTV is dialed in to deliver. With electric power steering, a thrilling V-Twin engine, and towing capacity to take everything with you, this exhilarating drive handles like a dream.

Arizona Hummer Tours

Arizona Hummer Tours Stellar Adventures
There’s a reason that the U.S. Army outfits its fleets with Humvees: They’re bold, they’re versatile, and they’re badass. The M998 Humvee is military-grade only, but the Hummer H1 is the closest a civilian can get. This off-road vehicle is perfect for the rough-and-tumble tourist who prefers an up close and personal experience. Mud, dirt, water, rocks—it’s all the same for the Hummer H1.

Arizona Advanced Hummer Tours

Arizona Advanced Hummer Tours by Stellar Adventures
You crave excitement! Immerse in the adrenaline rush of an EXTREME adventure which centers on the unmatched capabilities of the HUMMER. For example, the H1 can climb a 22″ vertical wall, can scale a 60 degree slope, can traverse a 40-degree side slope, and can ford 30″ of waters (2+FEET) We dare you to let us prove it!

Arizona M1009 Blazer Tours

Arizona M1009 Blazer Tours by Stellar Adventures
Are you an adventurer who wants to experience the Great Wide Open without getting rocked right out of your seat? Don’t worry, Stellar Adventures has an option for you, too. Come experience the Sonoran Desert in a Chevy M1009 Blazer. The M1009 (that’s M-10-oh-9) is a military-style Blazer with a diesel V8 engine so powerful it’ll knock your socks off. But here’s the catch: these tricked-out rides feature the best shocks available, so you’ll be riding in style and in comfort.

Arizona Shooting Experience

Arizona Outdoor Shooting Adventures
Stellar Adventures offers Arizona’s most unique Arizona outdoor shooting experience! Enjoy the picturesque Arizona views of this majestic Sonoran desert as you learn basic shooting skills from our NRA Certified Range Safety Officer (R.S.O.). Once we arrive at our designated outdoor shooting site, our experienced instructors will provide everything you need for a safe and educational shooting activity.

Arizona Stargazing Tours with Night Vision

Arizona Stargazing Tours Stellar Adventures
Your feet may be planted firmly in Arizona, but when you take the Stellar Adventures Arizona Stargazing Tours, you will embark on a journey through the heavens. We’re honored to guide you through your experience on the most unique expedition in Arizona: A nighttime tour of the greatest wonders of the galaxies.

Arizona Outdoor Combo Adventures

Arizona Outdoor Combo Adventures
Can’t decide? Try both adventures! Experience the thrill of the unmatched H1 Hummer and the adrenaline rush of the ATV or Kawasaki 4 seater UTV in our unique Arizona Outdoor Combo Adventures.